Nai Disha Educational & Cultural Society - India
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Nai Disha Educational & Cultural Society - India

The Nai Disha Learning Centre in New Dehli, India, is a Non Profit project where children and young people from the slum areas are given the opportunity to get a new direction in life through education and social and creative activities.
The project has more than 450 children and their families under its wings.

Nai Disha means New Direction in Hindi. The project plays a major role in bringing schooling out to children where they are, looking after their health and keeping up their spirit by offering meals and creative exercises.

This last year with the pandemic have been challenging to our dear friends in Nai Disha.

Nai Disha has started their Community Support Program - FEED THE NEEDY - providing medical, emotional and physical support to all children, as well as supporting affected families with medical support, cooked food, dry ration packets and oxygen support.

With this private collection we wish to give Nai Disha an extra hand in the fight against Covid19.

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