Simona's TastePoverty Challenge for Madera Girls Primary School

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Simona Lazeu
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BetterNow Team
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TastePoverty Challenge 2015
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TastePoverty Challenge 2015 - Verdens Børn

Simona's TastePoverty Challenge for Madera Girls Primary School

A few months ago my colleagues from BetterNow and I had the idea of developing a campaign to help charities that work with people in need to raise more money for their projects.

We started researching about poverty and got really moved by the statistics. We learnt that poverty means a lot more than hunger, it can also mean lack of water, healthcare, and education. And currently about 1.4 billion people live in extreme poverty (with less than $ 1.25/day).

Knowing these things, it became crystal clear that this campaign must happen. We called it “TastePoverty Challenge” because it’s about challenging oneself to live with limited options, as poor people do.

The idea is to spend only 11.13 kr. (which is the poverty line adjusted to the Danish purchasing power and inflation rate) per day for food and drinks. The purpose is not to get starved, but to experience some of the challenges poor people have to face every day.

I have done a trial of the challenge about a month ago, and believe me: It is not easy! I was not hungry, but the lack of veggies, sugar, and most of all COFFEE was highly felt by my body. Especially my brain.

Between the 26 and 30 of October, I am doing it again, and this time it is not just to test my will-power. This time I will live under the poverty line for Verdens Børn (World’s Children), a non-profit organization engaged in providing support to poor, handicapped, ill, and orphaned children.

My goal for the following 5 days is to eat and drink on less than 55.65 dkk (7.45 euros), and fundraise 2.000 dkk for the World’s Children. The money will go to Madera Girls Primary School, in Uganda.

The area where the Madera school is located experiences highly unpredictable weather, which makes it very difficult for the farmers to predict when they can plant. And as most of the population of Uganda is dependent on agriculture ….. Well, you can connect the dots. If they don’t get it right, they don’t have food to eat.

Most girls in Madera Girls Primary School come from poor families, and the food they are served at school is often the only meal they can count on during the day.

I am grateful for the chances live gave to me: For the education I got, for having access to decent hospitals, for the food I have in my plate three times per day. And if I can do something to support another girl to go to school, learn, and raise, I will do my best to help.

This time I am donating the rest of my food budget for the week, and I am spreading the word about Verdens Børn (The World’s Children) work.

If you can and feel like, please support my fundraiser with a donation, and/or share my page with you network.

Many thanks for visiting my page and reading the story. Hope you will not close the tab and passively move on. :)


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  • Simona Lazeu Simona Lazeu
    Guys, thank you so much for all your donation! I have overachieved my goal. Feels so cool! Thank you, thank you!
    As I mentioned, before the money will be used to buy food for a girls' school in Uganda. Together we have provided them with food for about two months.
    Thanks for being awesome!
    Cheers and good vibes,
  • Anonym Anonym gav 500 kr.

  • Vlad and Andreea Vlad and Andreea gav 100 kr.

  • Anonym Anonym gav 250 kr.

    Give the best wishes to the girls from Madera primary school. Education, done well, is the most important weapon in discovering your purpose in life and knowing what's our place in society.

  • Anonym Anonym gav 250 kr.

    We should all do this more often! great initiative!

  • Aleksandra Aleksandra gav 100 kr.

  • Clem Clem gav 100 kr.

    As I said, great initiative Simona !

  • Anonym Anonym gav 100 kr.

    People shouldn't suffer because of their birth place.

  • Anonym Anonym gav 250 kr.


  • Simona Gutas Simona Gutas gav 300 kr.

    Great job Simo! Wish you good luck with this campaign!!

  • Judit Toth Judit Toth gav 100 kr.

    Great initiative! Good luck, Simona! :)

  • Julia Feld Julia Feld gav 100 kr.

    Great campaign, well done, Simona! You are the best!

  • Vanesa R. Vanesa R. gav 35 kr.

    The price of one single cup of coffee in Copenhagen (and the budget for 3 days with the TastePoverty) to support a very good cause. :)

  • Alice Alice gav 30 kr.

  • Andreea Pirvut Andreea Pirvut gav 150 kr.

  • Maria Canet Maria Canet gav 100 kr.

    Very inspiring Simona :) Hope you survive a week without coffee! ;)

  • Simona Lazeu Simona Lazeu gav 200 kr.