Dear Friends, Family and all support good lung health,

I will be cycling from Skagen to Flensburg (top of Denmark to the border), in order to support a cause dear to my heart.

From an early age I have suffered with asthma, extreme allergies and even had to expeience a few anaphylactic shocks as a result. Which have all made me very conscious and aware of my breathing. Being unable to breath is a truly scary feeling and one which I want not to feel again. Every day I try to do something to improve my lung health, and I know I am not alone.

The organization I have choosen to help is The Danish Lung Association which is a patient association with a history of more than a century. They work hard on improving lung health and preventing all lung diseases through Education, Advocacy and Research.

Please feel free to support my cause and together we can work on trying to help future generations not to have the same problems.

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