5 days below the extreme poverty line

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Helene B.
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BetterNow Team
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TastePoverty Challenge 2015
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TastePoverty Challenge - Aktion Børnehjælp

5 days below the extreme poverty line

We have decided to join the TastePoverty Challenge. We will try a piece of poverty and live on the same budget as people in extreme poverty: 11.13kr (1,5€) per day for 5 days! - no gifts allowed :) At the same time we will do our best to fundraise as much money as we can to support the Aktion Børnehjælp.

Not everyone are born lucky as us. We take our well-being more or less for granted and this include everything; having food on the table; clean clothes to wear; a safe and warm place to sleep during cold and dark nights; as much hot and cold water as we wish. We even take human rights for granted. But there are still 1,4 billion people living in extreme poverty and even more than that live without basic human rights.

Aktion børnehjælp works to improve the conditions of poor and marginalized children in India. If you want to read more about their work, please see their homepage http://www.aktionb.dk/.

Please join us in the TastePoverty Challenge with us, or help us in the fight against poverty by giving a donation to our fundraiser! We will be super grateful for each donation, whatever the amount!

Let's come together and make a difference!

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Francesca & Helene

NB. Apologies on beforehand for being asocial and grumpy! Nobody knows if a week without any coffee will turn us into little monsters ;)

5.150 kr.

103% 5.000 kr.


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  • Kristian Kristian ha donado 150 kr.

  • Vivian Veltman Vivian Veltman ha donado 135 kr.

    Symbolical number so you can reach your goal. Thanks for doing this <3

  • Kåre Janus Andersen Kåre Janus Andersen ha donado 150 kr.

  • Jaap Jaap ha donado 100 kr.

    better late than never :) well done, hope the champagne tasted good on Friday...!

  • Rikke Jul Sørensen Rikke Jul Sørensen ha donado 100 kr.

  • Derya Eilertsen Derya Eilertsen ha donado 250 kr.

    This is so inspirational, Helene! Thumbs up and a job well done!!! Wishing more people of your kind for our world 🌍

  • Ali sheikholeslami Ali sheikholeslami ha donado 250 kr.

  • Rute Jesus & Luis Abrantes Rute Jesus & Luis Abrantes ha donado 200 kr.

    this one to celebrate you having finished the challenge! great stuff, girls!

  • Sanna Sorvoja Sanna Sorvoja ha donado 100 kr.

    Well done bellas <3

  • Camilla Camilla ha donado 100 kr.

    Godt initiativ og skidegodt klaret :-)

  • Malin Malin ha donado 50 kr.

  • Hans Henrik Wendt Larsen Hans Henrik Wendt Larsen ha donado 200 kr.

  • Anette Galskjøt Anette Galskjøt ha donado 500 kr.

    Having lived three years in Bangladesh and witnessed the harsh reality of life in poverty I can only congratulate you girls on this great initiative!

  • Helena Åström Helena Åström ha donado 100 kr.

    Well done, girls! It's been inspiring to follow your week on fb :) and a very good reminder on how extremely lucky and spoiled we are.

  • Manijeh Manijeh ha donado 20 kr.

  • Flavia Moccia Flavia Moccia ha donado 200 kr.

    Grande iniziativa. Brave!!!

  • Nadine Nadine ha donado 100 kr.

  • Jonas Mosimann Jonas Mosimann ha donado 250 kr.

    Go Franci and Helene. Like the spirit!

  • Louise Boiesen Louise Boiesen ha donado 100 kr.

  • Pernille Neergaard Pernille Neergaard ha donado 25 kr.

  • Anne-Mette Boiesen Anne-Mette Boiesen ha donado 240 kr.

  • Kirsi Kirsi ha donado 100 kr.

  • Peter Sterkenburg Peter Sterkenburg ha donado 200 kr.

    Go girls!!! Go for it!

  • Emanuele Emanuele ha donado 250 kr.

    'Marco style' ......good job ragazze!! 250 kr donated!