Spis planter for planeten
WWF Verdensnaturfonden is behind this project

Spis planter for planeten

Would you be able to live as a vegetarian for one week? Or if you are really tough - several weeks?

Take the challenge now.

Everyday for one week you eat in a way that spares the climate. You have to live as a vegetarian, which means, you cannot eat meat from fish, poultry or any other animal.

Encourage your friends and family to support your efforts for nature and the climate. Ask for a donation for your fundraising and the money will go to WWF's work for nature. When your friends and family make a donation, they show that they care about your initiative.

You can also challenge your friends to eat plants for the planet. Who will make it the longest? Would your big brother rather eat vegetarian food for one week or donate 100 kr. to your fundraising, and by that keep his read steak?

We will support you all through the challenge and send you an email with a fundraising kit which contains tips and tricks for your fundraising and amazingly delicious recipes from the three food bloggers Mia Sommer, Kirsten Skaarup and Mia Skøtt Møbjerg.

Why did WWF start the Eat Plants For The Planet challenge?
There is growing need to enlighten people about the need for more sustainable food habits. Because we're consumming so much meat that nature and the climate are suffering.

All over the world we witness a growing demand for meat as people grow wealthier. In Denmark the demand for meat is big. An average Dane has a consumption of meat that counts around 90 and 100 kilos of pork, chicken and beef every year, according to Danmarks Statistik and FAO.

But luckily a counter reaction is rising across the planet. More people chose meat free days. WWF Denmark would like to encourage those meet free days so more people can eat plants for the planet.


Photo: ©Brent Stirton/Reportage by Getty Images/WWF

1,440 kr.