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Nathalia Fia Sichani
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Why I have decided to try and raise money for children in need;

Once I saw a mother punch her 9 year old daughter in the face, so hard that the little girl's nose started bleeding. The mother was not affected by that.

Another time I saw a father trying to console his 2 year old baby boy, by forcefully run the trolley the child was sitting in, into a bush - repeatedly - over and over and over. While the father was screaming at the terrified kid.

I have seen a father almost drowning his 8 year old son, in a rageful attempt to teach him to swim, by holding him under water.

I have seen mothers grabbing and shaking their children's skinny little arms so hard that the bones made snapping sounds.

I have seen an old man rubbing a 3 or 4 year old little girl on the lower part of her stomach towards her crotch, while she stood paralyzed in her beautiful summer dress, with a frightened look on her face.

In every single of the above mentioned scenarios I did nothing.
Not because I didn't feel horrible from what I was observing, but because I had no idea how to help the situation or because I was only just a child myself, at the time.

However I have NEVER forgotten what I saw and since then I have ALWAYS taken action whenever I have seen an adult acting violent to a child.
It might not help speaking up to the abusive adult in a given situation. They might even punish the child harder when you are out of sight, but what is important is; THAT CHILD seeing YOU defending THEM!
That child seeing an adult speaking up on their behalf! Seeing another human NOT ACCEPTING for them to be treated that way! One person speaking up can save a child from a life of depression, self hatred, accept of abuse and misery.

Have you ever had the chance to help a child? No? Please, don't wait for it to happen.
You have the chance to take my hand and save several children TODAY.

Will you take that chance and donate a coin to my fundraiser for saving children in need?!
I appreciate every single DKK coming in - and so will the children, whom you and I save - together!

All humans deserve dignity. Especially the little ones. Thank you ♡

In love,
Nathalia Sichani

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