We mean it: We do not want to to receive any gifts. However, we will be VERY happy to receive your wishes for our marriage and a small donation to WWF.

About WWF:
Climate change is already having a significant impact on wild animals around the globe. Changes in climate are altering the timing of life cycles, causing species to shift where they live, and in some cases even leading to extinction. We can help species adapt to our changing world by ensuring that our own responses to climate change factor in the health and wellbeing of the habitat and resources on which they depend.

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  • Ebbe Filt Asbjoern Petersen Ebbe Filt Asbjoern Petersen Donated 1,000 kr.

    We have messed up the earth and the oceans in order to do what we want, now it is time to give a little something back to restore the mess, so we can enjoy this wonderful place for many years to come!

  • Anne Karina Asbjoern Anne Karina Asbjoern Donated 500 kr.

    We have been diving in the coral reef on the Philippines, observing funky sloths in Costa Rica and collecting plastic on (almost) unspoiled beaches in Egypt. The next generation deserves to get the same priceless experiences