Everyone at BetterNow taking part in Taste Poverty

8.828 kr.

177% 5.000 kr.



Jesper Juul Jensen


Rang Indsamling Donationer Indsamlet Beløb
1 Helene B. 29 5.150 kr.
2 Simona Lazeu 16 2.665 kr.
3 Jesper Juul Andersen 6 1.013 kr.

Seneste aktivitet

  • Jesper Juul Jensen Jesper Juul Jensen Holdleder
    Wauw, great work Team BetterNow!
  • Kristian Kristian Donerede 150 kr.

  • Vivian Veltman Vivian Veltman Donerede 135 kr.

    Symbolical number so you can reach your goal. Thanks for doing this <3

  • Kåre Janus Andersen Kåre Janus Andersen Donerede 150 kr.

  • Jaap Jaap Donerede 100 kr.

    better late than never :) well done, hope the champagne tasted good on Friday...!

  • Rikke Jul Sørensen Rikke Jul Sørensen Donerede 100 kr.

  • Derya Eilertsen Derya Eilertsen Donerede 250 kr.

    This is so inspirational, Helene! Thumbs up and a job well done!!! Wishing more people of your kind for our world 🌍

  • Ali sheikholeslami Ali sheikholeslami Donerede 250 kr.

  • Anonym Anonym Donerede 500 kr.

  • Rute Jesus & Luis Abrantes Rute Jesus & Luis Abrantes Donerede 200 kr.

    this one to celebrate you having finished the challenge! great stuff, girls!

  • Vlad and Andreea Vlad and Andreea Donerede 100 kr.

  • Sanna Sorvoja Sanna Sorvoja Donerede 100 kr.

    Well done bellas <3

  • Anonym Anonym Donerede 250 kr.

    Give the best wishes to the girls from Madera primary school. Education, done well, is the most important weapon in discovering your purpose in life and knowing what's our place in society.

  • Anonym Anonym Donerede 250 kr.

    We should all do this more often! great initiative!

  • Camilla Camilla Donerede 100 kr.

    Godt initiativ og skidegodt klaret :-)

  • Jens Haagen Lavrsen Jens Haagen Lavrsen Donerede 113 kr.

    113 kr, da det er det 30. primtalnummer. 30 står vist for dedikation i biblen. Godt gået I to!

  • Malin Malin Donerede 50 kr.

  • Hans Henrik Wendt Larsen Hans Henrik Wendt Larsen Donerede 200 kr.

  • Aleksandra Aleksandra Donerede 100 kr.

  • Anette Galskjøt Anette Galskjøt Donerede 500 kr.

    Having lived three years in Bangladesh and witnessed the harsh reality of life in poverty I can only congratulate you girls on this great initiative!

  • Helena Åström Helena Åström Donerede 100 kr.

    Well done, girls! It's been inspiring to follow your week on fb :) and a very good reminder on how extremely lucky and spoiled we are.

  • Clem Clem Donerede 100 kr.

    As I said, great initiative Simona !

  • Anonym Anonym Donerede 100 kr.

    People shouldn't suffer because of their birth place.

  • Manijeh Manijeh Donerede 20 kr.