Help the Hempel bikers fight Multiple Sclerosis

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Skapad av:
Charlotte Rahbek
Medlem av lag:
Cykelnerven Nordsjælland
Deltar i:
Cykelnerven 2017
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Cykelnerven 2017

Help the Hempel bikers fight Multiple Sclerosis

Five employees in Hempel have dedicated their spare time to bike in the mountains of the Alps mid June 2017. They do that to raise money and awareness for Mulitple Sclerosis - a chronicle disease with no cure and today around 2,4 mio people in the world have this disease. We think this is a good cause to support - how about you?

We promise to deliver hard work and many hours of dedicated biking and hope you will contribute to the good cause with what you can spare - every little penny counts.

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18 500 kr.

185% 10 000 kr.


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  • Anonym användare Anonym användare Donerade 1 000 kr.


  • Keld Mosgaard Christensen Keld Mosgaard Christensen Donerade 500 kr.

    Happy to support this. Go for it!

  • Richard Sand Richard Sand Donerade 1 000 kr.

  • Lars Nygaard Lars Nygaard Donerade 500 kr.

  • Claus Nielsen Claus Nielsen Donerade 1 000 kr.

  • David Openshaw David Openshaw Donerade 500 kr.

    Brave brave man for a worthy cause

  • Carsten Bach & Helle Petersen & Linnemann Carsten Bach & Helle Petersen & Linnemann Donerade 500 kr.

    Come on Henrik Falkenberg

  • Jeff Gravenhorst Jeff Gravenhorst Donerade 500 kr.

  • Waldemar Schmidt Waldemar Schmidt Donerade 500 kr.

    I am happy to support this excellent initiative

  • Jørgen Høholt Jørgen Høholt Donerade 500 kr.

    Please wait for Henrik when it becomes step:)

  • Christian Kofoed Jakobsen Christian Kofoed Jakobsen Donerade 500 kr.

  • Charlotte Rahbek Charlotte Rahbek
    Dear Family, Friends, Partners and Colleagues.
    Thank you so much for your support - every penny is highly appreciated.
    The Hempel team
  • Michael Vad Michael Vad Donerade 1 000 kr.

    Have a great ride - for a great cause....

  • Nikolaj Gertz Nikolaj Gertz Donerade 1 000 kr.

    Great initiative

  • Peter Kirkegaard Peter Kirkegaard Donerade 500 kr.

    Go Hempel Team. Great cause, best of luck.

  • Leif Jensen Leif Jensen Donerade 500 kr.

    Just returned from racing 250k together with young woman with this terrible disease and participating in your upcoming event. Very impressive and deserves support.

  • Finn Vestergaard Finn Vestergaard Donerade 500 kr.

    I appreciate your initiative and are more than willing to support - if you can make sure Henrik does not get to the top first I am even more appreciative :-) Finn

  • Flemming Fog Flemming Fog Donerade 1 000 kr.

    God tur!

  • Lars Petersson Lars Petersson Donerade 500 kr.

    Lycka till bergen allihop!

  • Michael Hansen Michael Hansen Donerade 500 kr.

    God tur allesammen!

  • Flemming Riber Flemming Riber Donerade 500 kr.

    Well done Henrik and den gas..

  • Anders Boyer Anders Boyer Donerade 500 kr.

    Great idea - enjoy the bike ride

  • Lars Vestergaard Lars Vestergaard Donerade 500 kr.

    Great - supporting a good cause and getting Henrik fit.

  • Morten Hvidtfeldt Morten Hvidtfeldt Donerade 500 kr.

    For a very good cause