Opprettet av:
Thomas Ærø Christensen
Medlem av lag:
Cykelnerven Nordsjælland
Deltar i:
Cykelnerven 2017
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Cykelnerven 2017
Hey Friends, Family, Colleagues,

In June 2017, I will participate in Cykelnerven, a cycling event in support of the fight to eradicate multiple sclerosis. Many of you may not know it, but several wonderful people among my friends, family and colleagues are affected by MS, so I know how crucial it is that we beat it. I hope you will be able to contribute to this fight and thank you from the bottom of my heart for any donations you can make, big or small.

Thomas Ærø Christensen

Nylig aktivitet

  • Sarah Denholm Sarah Denholm Donert 250 kr.

    Thomas, good luck for a worthy charity. Love from us all x

  • Helen Christensen Helen Christensen Donert 500 kr.

  • Michiel Verhoeven Michiel Verhoeven Donert 1 000 kr.

  • Anonym bruker Anonym bruker Donert 500 kr.