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Jonathan W. Bettger
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Hjerteforeningens generelle arbejde
I chose this fundraiser because cardiovascular disease is a major health issue in Denmark and around the world.

-Nearly 500,000 Danes live with cardiovascular disease
-450 children are born each year with heart disease
-1/4 of deaths in Denmark are caused by cardiovascular disease

By supporting the Danish Heart Foundation, this money will go directly to research, prevention and patient support through the Danish Heart Foundation (Hjerte foreningen)

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  • Eddie Murray Personal Training Eddie Murray Personal Training Donert 100 kr.

  • Anonym bruker Anonym bruker Donert 150 kr.

  • Jessics Thiemann Jessics Thiemann Donert 100 kr.

    Amazing initiative! :)

  • Sarah Burvill Sarah Burvill Donert 200 kr.

  • Emilie Zelander Emilie Zelander Donert 100 kr.

    Great initiative Jon!

  • Jonathan W. Bettger Jonathan W. Bettger Donert 100 kr.

    Getting the ball rolling. Deadline is Sunday, June 24th when I run the Aarhus Half Marathon. Thanks for your support!