Zealand Pharma Cycles in Support of Improved Diabetes Care

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Jeanne Norring
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JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes, Death Valley

Zealand Pharma Cycles in Support of Improved Diabetes Care

Zealand Pharma cykler til støtte for bedre diabetesbehandling.
Zealand Pharma deltager som led i sit samarbejde med den internationale diabetesforening JDRF i cykelløbet ”Ride to Cure Diabetes 2017”, der finder sted 7. oktober i Amelia Island, Florida. ”Ride to Cure” arrangeres årligt af JDRF til støtte for forskning i bedre forebyggelse, behandling og helbredelse af diabetes – og trækker deltagelse fra patientorganisationer, behandlersamfundet og lægemiddel-industrien verden over. Som en del af samarbejdet med JDRF deltager Zealand Pharma og to frivillige medarbejdere i cykelløbet.
Hjælp os med at støtte dette gode fælles formål.

Zealand Pharma rides to support better diabetes treatment.
As part of its collaboration with the international diabetes research foundation JDRF, Zealand Pharma is attending the ”Ride to Cure Diabetes 2017” that takes place on October 7th in Amelia Island, Florida. "Ride to Cure” is an annual event in support of the research for prevention, treatment and cure of diabetes attracting participants from patient organizations, the treatment system and from the pharmaceutical industry worldwide. As part of our collaboration with JDRF, Zealand Pharma and two voluntary employees will attend the fundraising-ride.
Please help us in supporting this great common purpose.

Diabetes is a very serious disease booming almost everywhere in the world. Zealand Pharma A/S is a biotechnology company focused on the discovery, design and development of innovative peptide-based medicines. We intend to be a leader in specialty medicines focusing on metabolic and gastrointestinal diseases and other specialty disease areas with significant unmet medical needs. Zealand Pharma has a portfolio of medicines and product candidates under license collaborations with Sanofi and Boehringer Ingelheim.

Our collaboration with JDRF "Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation", is an expression of how important it is to research extensively within the field of diabetes and that cross-disciplinary cooperation is vital to our success.

The participating riders from Zealand Pharma personally pay for their travel expenses in connection with participating in the ride, and the aim of their participation is to raise money in support of diabetes research under JDRF. We hope to achieve our goal together with you and the efforts of our two Zealand Pharma-riders and will ensure that your donation in full is directed into research projects under the JDRF auspices making a difference within the field of diabetes to the benefit of many patients in the future.

Many thanks for your contributions and support.

3.350 kr.

67% 5.000 kr.


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