Our Epic Bike Ride ACROSS AMERICA For KidsAid

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Thomas og Maria Sørensen
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KidsAid Across America
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KidsAid Across America

Our Epic Bike Ride ACROSS AMERICA For KidsAid

Why have we chosen to ride a bike 5800km (3900 miles) across America? The simple answer is dreams. Dreams of great challenges, great experiences and the dream to help and inspire others. For us there is simply nothing more rewarding than the great physical and mental test, among magnificent landscapes, with the aim of helping sick children in Denmark. All in the company of our own children.

We have long wanted to make a big difference and aid the fantastic work that KidsAid Denmark is doing. Therefore, all the money we raise will be going towards giving the sick children and their families something to smile about through the hard times. Thats why we need YOUR help. Together we can make the biggest difference.

Thank you for your support

Maria & Thomas

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  • Thomas og Maria Sørensen Thomas og Maria Sørensen

    When we train on the wattbike everything is about power and efficiency. It becomes possible to measure and structure the training around our maximum ability and therefore push our limits. Huge help. It also makes it really really tough, but who said that we did´nt have to go through hell and suffer a fews times to achieve great things.

    "When you go through Hell, keep going." Winston Churchill

  • Thomas og Maria Sørensen Thomas og Maria Sørensen

    Finally got my official tour bike this week and it looks and feels amazing. It leaves me with absolutely no excuses on the equipment side which is just the way I like it. Huge thanks to Specialized for believing in us and the cause right from the start. Top guys

  • Thomas og Maria Sørensen Thomas og Maria Sørensen

    Spring is just around the corner and we are beginning to move the training outdoors. Nice 90min ride this morning. Its been a long winter on the Watt Bike. There is only so much staring into the wall you can take ;-)

  • Love from Angel and family Love from Angel and family gav 200 kr.

  • Justin, Sarah, Alex and Darcy Justin, Sarah, Alex and Darcy gav 200 kr.

  • Browns Solihull Browns Solihull gav 500 kr.


  • Barrie Gibbs Barrie Gibbs gav 100 kr.

    Well done

  • Mette og Arne Banasik Mette og Arne Banasik gav 1.000 kr.

  • Douglas  Gilbey Douglas Gilbey gav 750 kr.

    Well done Maria & Thomas!! You did an amazing job - an inspiration to us all. Doug & Chris x

  • Anonym Anonym gav 100 kr.

    All of family support Stoke City FC, although personally an Everton fan. Saw your ride on local news. Thanks for "keeping" Stoke up in those early Premiership days and great work helping children.

  • John and Alex  Kelly John and Alex Kelly gav 10.000 kr.

    Well done on your fantastic achievement, and at the same time raising lots of money for a wonderful charity. You are really an amazing family, and can't wait to see you all very soon. Lots of love. John and Alex Kelly and family. xxxxxxx

  • Manjit Chumber Manjit Chumber gav 250 kr.

    Best of luck guys on your bike ride! Very proud of what your doing, hope you get your target.

  • Anne og Thomas Gaardsøe Anne og Thomas Gaardsøe gav 1.000 kr.

    Vi er så stolte af jer!

  • Ayako Kitano Ayako Kitano gav 500 kr.

  • Anonym Anonym gav 1.000 kr.

  • Fam. Frederiksen Fam. Frederiksen gav 1.000 kr.

  • Teresa & Peter  Løvenkrands Teresa & Peter Løvenkrands gav 5.000 kr.

    Fantastisk, håber i alle er okay. Teresa Sophie Chloe & Peter

  • Alan & Kylie  Hutton Alan & Kylie Hutton gav 5.000 kr.

    So proud of u all. Well done x

  • Åsa Ifversen Åsa Ifversen gav 1.000 kr.

  • Familien Staffeldt Familien Staffeldt gav 1.000 kr.

  • Sally O'Donnell Sally O'Donnell gav 1.000 kr.

    Following you on twitter, doing really well Patrick, sally & kids

  • kasper & stine schmeichel kasper & stine schmeichel gav 5.000 kr.

  • Anonym Anonym gav 100 kr.

  • Rikke og Thomas Find Rikke og Thomas Find gav 1.000 kr.

    Happy riding - rigtig god tur across America :-)