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Sarah Vang Hansen
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Plant et Træ

Employee collection at Chr. Hansen

Dear colleagues,
As part of the big construction plan, building labs and offices for us and coming Hansenites, it has been necessary to cut down a lot of trees.
And although, we do intent to plant the trees again after the work, it could be some years.

So how about planting some trees other places in Denmark, while we wait?

"Plant a tree" is an organisation, that plants trees in cooperation with children in 1st grade from all over Denmark. Thus, this project works for the climate, the nature, animal life and simultaneously teaches our children about these important matters.
In addition to this, Crown Prince Frederik is protector of the organisation.
Read more about the organisation here: https://plant-et-trae.dk/

One tree costs 25 DKK (incl. all materials and education)
All sizes of contributions are welcome and matter.
I hope, you will help "planting some trees"
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    Let’s grow some more green...

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    Let´s do our part to compensate for the missing trees at Site Hørsholm

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    The only reason why I'm not staying anonymous is because I'm hoping there a chance that I'll know which tree I paid for - then it can be my favorite tree :)

    Sarah Vang Hansen Sarah Vang Hansen: Hi Stjepan. Thank you for you donation!
    If you want to be a part of the planting process or visit the trees later, you can ask Mette from "Plant a tree" (mette.doessing@plant-et-trae.dk). I'm sure she will be able to help you :)
    Best regards,
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