Child Cancer Foundation (international fundraising)

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Child Cancer Foundation (international fundraising)

Hi My name is Dion I am a volunteer Ambassador for the Children's Cancer Foundation. I'm Live Streamer on the platform Twitch - Youtube And FaceBook. Where I Am Known As FjupNet SimRacing Or FJ. I want to help where I can, and since I've had Cancer in my life, and lost friends and family. I got this idea as some of my followers have cancer, and thought no kids should die of cancer! so run this collection as a Danish and international collection, with the help of Streamer from all over the world. The international fundraising runs for the next 2 weeks, and ends with a (simulator race) for 24 hours. Which is displayed on:
• FjupNet - Twitch
• FjupNet - Simracing - YouTube

Around 450 Danish children and young people under the age of 25 are diagnosed with cancer each year, and today 3,400 children and young people live with cancer. The two most common cancers in children between the ages of 0-14 are leukemia, also known as blood cancer, and brain cancer. The two cancers together account for more than half of the cases. In addition, there is connective tissue cancer and kidney cancer. Four out of five children and adolescents survive their cancer Today, four out of five children who are diagnosed with cancer survive. Survival has increased from 40 per cent. from the 1970s to more than 80 per cent. Today. Your support goes to, among other things When you support the Children's Cancer Foundation, your support goes to research, prevention and patient support in relation to children, young people and cancer.

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  • Emilie Olsen Børnecancerfonden
    Kære Dion,

    Vi sender dig en stor tak for at starte en indsamling til Børnecancerfonden. Vores håb er, at vi en dag kommer så langt med forskningen, at vi kan indfri vores vision om, at ingen børn skal dø af kræft.

    Tak for at være en del af styrken for børn med kræft og for at hjælpe os tættere på målet.

    Bedste hilsner
    Emilie Ida, Børnecancerfonden

  • Anonym Anonym Donerede 250 kr.

  • Chad ryce Chad ryce Donerede 400 kr.

    All the Good Vibes and prayers to these little hero's! Love the best community on Twitch the Chadsters <3

  • Chad Martin Chad Martin Donerede 400 kr.

    This is a donation By BoooBooo69 that he did on stream! All the thanks to him on this one <3

  • Power Memes Power Memes Donerede 250 kr.

  • Adam Naylor Adam Naylor Donerede 50 kr.

  • Chrysis Constantinou Chrysis Constantinou Donerede 100 kr.

  • Adam Naylor Adam Naylor Donerede 100 kr.

    Such a worth cause, thank you @FjupNet

  • joper motorsport joper motorsport Donerede 150 kr.

  • Dean Johnson Dean Johnson Donerede 250 kr.

    This is a great cause and I hope it helps in a small way 🥰 L_G123

  • Dion Raufort Dion Raufort Donerede 250 kr.

    I have to take the lead, with this donation! <3