Improving healthcare delivery and blindness prevention strategies in the world's most deprived areas

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Support Social Entrepreneurs 2014

Improving healthcare delivery and blindness prevention strategies in the world's most deprived areas

Our mission: To deliver health services and provide treatment to visually impaired people in poor or developing regions, enabling them to lead a good life and be able to be active in their societies.

Who we are: We are the Corneal Blindness Control Strategy (CBC Strategy) team from the Copenhagen Business School’s Social Entrepreneurship Course and together, we form a World Alliance of wide professional expertise working on improving healthcare delivery in very deprived areas.

Representation includes the following: Europe (Netherlands, Spain, Italy, UK, Bulgaria, France, Denmark, Germany), Africa (Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire), India, U.S, Middle East, South America (Chile, Brazil, Colombia), UAE, and Canada.

Scope of our enterprise: About 200 million people around the world are blind or visually impaired. 80% of World Blindness is in developing countries and 80% of that is avoidable. We are setting-up a Global Health Social Enterprise focused on establishing a new Eye Care Network that addresses primarily the following: Eye Banks & Corneal Blindness, Workforce & Volunteer Training, and Community Mobilization. The project is additionally aimed at forming Infrastructure and implementing Prevention Strategies coupled with New Technologies (eHealth, Tele Health, and the like).

Your support counts: Please support our efforts by attributing to the Copenhagen Business School’s Start-up Fund administered by the Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurs, which will fund the most promising social ventures developed as part of the course.

This is a 7-Day Challenge Campaign and in exchange for your help we will commit in 3 unique ways:

1. Each team member will collect as many spectacles as possible, which at the end will be donated for distribution to developing countries.

2. HELP US HELP YOU: Each team member from around the world will formally recognize each contributor, unless it will prefer to stay anonymous, throughout ALL possible means in their very own social networks, websites, and the like by any details of your choice (Name, Contact Details, Company Information, etc.). Thus, you have the chance to be promoted like never before to audiences of an unlimited spectrum. Additionally, the non-profit network eyeSIGHT International has endorsed us and they will promote each contributor in the same manner.

3. We are going to start an advertising campaign of our initiative; you will be periodically informed of our activities, and hopefully will soon know of the improving conditions of the people who will have the benefit of our services.

Deadline: September 17, 2014

With Sincere Thanks, The CBC Strategy Team.



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