Peking to Paris indsamling til Børnecancerfonden

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Peking to Paris
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Peking to Paris indsamling til Børnecancerfonden

Here you will be able to donate money for Children's Cancer Foundation.

For donation over EUR 5.000,- / DKK 37.500,- you will become a headsponsor.

We encourage everybody to make a contribution, large or small, every amount is important!
The total amount will be donated to the Children's Cancer Foundation, Denmark and Phönikks Stiftung, Hamburg middle of August in connection with the presentation of the rally.

Thank you very much in advance!

Annette and Lars Rolner

198.055 kr.

79% 250.000 kr.


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Actividad reciente

  • Bonnesen Invest Aps Bonnesen Invest Aps ha donado 5.000 kr.

  • PH & Lene Christiansen PH & Lene Christiansen ha donado 1.000 kr.

  • Claus Thulstrup Claus Thulstrup ha donado 500 kr.

  • Tom Gregers Ruhrskov Tom Gregers Ruhrskov ha donado 500 kr.

  • Mercy and Jens Røder Mercy and Jens Røder ha donado 5.000 kr.

    Seize the opportunity and grasp the moment. Live life to the full and create lasting memories and friendships. But make a difference and add toi the sum of human happiness. We are proud of you.

  • Hans Thuun aarup Hans Thuun aarup ha donado 1.200 kr.


  • Usuario anónimo Usuario anónimo ha donado 500 kr.

  • Peking to Paris Peking to Paris ha donado 44.752 kr.

    Donations via. Rolner Stiftung

  • Carsten Rotboell Carsten Rotboell ha donado 200 kr.

  • Tom Gregers Ruhrskov Tom Gregers Ruhrskov ha donado 500 kr.

  • Ole og May-Britt Ploug Jantzen Ole og May-Britt Ploug Jantzen ha donado 600 kr.

    Lad lykke og held følge nr. 8 :-)))) og kom godt hjem.

  • Johnny Klit Laursen Johnny Klit Laursen ha donado 300 kr.

    Gå blot efter oplevelsen, det vil gøre mig stolt !!!

  • Anders Søe-Jensen Anders Søe-Jensen ha donado 750 kr.

  • Hampus Jakobsson Hampus Jakobsson ha donado 100 kr.

  • Priority Recruitment Priority Recruitment Priority Recruitment Priority Recruitment ha donado 300 kr.

  • Carsten  Andersen Carsten Andersen ha donado 300 kr.

    Håber man kunne få en cap - som vi vil udlodde til den 10. august i Sakskøbing.

  • NH Lindhardt NH Lindhardt ha donado 1.000 kr.

  • Alex Birger Grieg Alex Birger Grieg ha donado 9.884 kr.

  • Kirsten Bank Christensen Kirsten Bank Christensen ha donado 750 kr.

    Live your dream and share your passion. Held og lykke på turen. De venligste hilsener Laura, Brian og Kirsten

  • Peter Hvidkjær Peter Hvidkjær ha donado 500 kr.

  • Christian Junge Christian Junge ha donado 1.000 kr.

    Held og lykke på turen, håber i når sikkert frem til Paris.

  • Claus S. Nørgaard Claus S. Nørgaard ha donado 500 kr.

    Held og lykke på turen, som vi vil følge med spænding - tak for det flotte initiativ med donation.

  • Bo  Jørgensen Bo Jørgensen ha donado 200 kr.

  • Anthony Bedford Anthony Bedford ha donado 200 kr.

    May God reward your faith, spirit of adventure and desire to share the fruit with others. W.O. would be proud of you!