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15 years ago my mom adopted a puppy named Nero, via an animal rescue organization dedicated to saving abused animals.

For years, and even today, you can see that his personality is shaped and molded by the abusive life he had before he came into our family. You couldn't even raise your hand to throw a ball for him, without seeing him cringing his eyes, fearing he was about to get beaten.

When my mother got sick in early 2012, I took care of Nero "temporarily", but eventually I adopted him for good, when she passed away, later that year - and I came to know Nero even better than I ever had before, and that sparked a motivation for me to make as much of a difference as I possibly could.

That's how my journey into animal welfare started.


I'll commit to writing a piece of classical music in return for people donating to WWF. For every 500 DKK I'll compose another minute of music. I'll record the music using various sampling techniques, and share the result on SoundCloud and YouTube, with a mentioning of WWF and link to their donation page.

I'll promise at least 2 minutes despite the collected amount, but I will on the other hand also have to cap at around 6-7 minutes (3.500 DKK), if it ever comes to that.

Let's do this! :-)

2.555 kr.

73% 3.500 kr.


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  • Mark Hünermund Jensen Mark Hünermund Jensen ha donado 50 kr.

    On behalf of: Helene Kristensen (received by MobilePay)

  • The Majestic, Fantastic, El Bobberino Inc. Trademark Patent Pending The Majestic, Fantastic, El Bobberino Inc. Trademark Patent Pending ha donado 37 kr.

    You suck. I have no money but you are taking my money. I hope the animals starve from hunger like I will because of this. Did I mention you suck?

  • Fazil Amir Fazil Amir ha donado 30 kr.

  • Anders Sørensen Anders Sørensen ha donado 250 kr.

  • Stefano Zugno Stefano Zugno ha donado 50 kr.

    can't wait to listen to your music =)

  • Omar al Baiti Omar al Baiti ha donado 50 kr.

  • Julie Arlgade Julie Arlgade ha donado 250 kr.

  • Linn-Iris Nordbø Linn-Iris Nordbø ha donado 150 kr.

  • Kim Jensen Kim Jensen ha donado 500 kr.

  • Nick Jensen Nick Jensen ha donado 250 kr.

    I have had Nero for 2½ years now, and he is a happy and healthy dog! I think he is one of the few dogs who live their entire life in the same family! Nero is turning 15 years in a few month and i have the feeling he is going to be here a long time!!

  • Hej Mark!
    Tusind tak fordi du har startet din egen indsamling. Det er et super godt initiativ, der betyder meget for vores arbejde. Held og lykke med indsamlingen!
  • Hugo Nilsson Hugo Nilsson ha donado 100 kr.

    Klart grabben ska få göra lite musik! Ser fram emot att få höra det :)

  • Sandra Skov Sandra Skov ha donado 75 kr.

    Endelig en mulighed for at få lov til at høre lidt af din musik :) Sejt!

  • Peter Lange Peter Lange ha donado 500 kr.

    Nice effort!!

  • Mark Hünermund Jensen Mark Hünermund Jensen ha donado 200 kr.

  • Mads Rosenberg Larsen Mads Rosenberg Larsen ha donado 22 kr.

  • Marcel  Worm-Marquardtsen Marcel Worm-Marquardtsen ha donado 21 kr.

    Lars Sommer er nærig / og du skal sku lave lidt en gang i mellem :)

  • Lars Sommer Lars Sommer ha donado 20 kr.

    Så vi i gang!