Team Solstra Capital

Part of Cycling Challenge 2017

2,950 kr.

19% 15,000 kr.



Team Leader
Anette Overby

Team Members

There aren't yet any team members in this team. That's no fun!

A team receives donations via the fundraisers that are team members, so if you want to participate, click here to join the team.

Recent activity

  • Charles Langman Charles Langman donated 500 kr.

    Go Jacob !

  • Klaus Juul Klaus Juul donated 100 kr.

    Go Jacob - fedt initiativ...

  • Flemming R Jacobs Flemming R Jacobs donated 500 kr.

  • Anders Staufeldt Anders Staufeldt donated 250 kr.

    God tur til "Viben fra Virum" 🚴🏻💨💪🏻

  • Claus Broe Claus Broe donated 250 kr.

    Go tur! /CB

  • Torben Vemmelund Torben Vemmelund donated 250 kr.

    Thank you!

  • Søren Honoré Hansen Søren Honoré Hansen donated 250 kr.

  • Joish Paul Joish Paul donated 500 kr.

  • Casper Borly Casper Borly donated 100 kr.

    Godt initiativ

  • Jacob Guldager Jacob Guldager donated 250 kr.