The Association of Bridge Builders’ general work
Foreningen Brobyggerne is behind this project

Do you also want to help build bridges between peoples? Do you also think that there is a need for more activities that promote dialogue and fight hatred? And do you have ten extra bucks (or more) you don’t know how to spend? Then help us get started.

In the Association of Bridge Builders we have assembled a group of volunteer bridge builders who really want to make a series of events throughout the country. However, in order to make their efforts matter the most, we need to make sure that we can fund the events. In addition, we would like to grow and that is unfortunately not free. Therefore, we really appreciate any donation - large or small.

About the Association of Bridge Builders

We are a voluntary association, which basically believes that we as people have more in common than that which divides us. Therefore, we are working to bridge the growing divides that threatens the social cohesion of Danish society.

Our society is affected by terror, economic crisis and lack of social cohesion. This feeds fear and prejudice, which in turn is amplified in a heated debate climate, where one’s own opinion is elevated to a piedestal of absolute truth, while the opponents' views are knocked down hard; a tendency that is dominant in the Danish parliament as well as on social media.

The result? Prejudice, demonization and increasingly deeper divides between populations whose cooperation is a crucial prerequisite for solving our societal problems.

Therefore, we need more bridge builders: Individuals and groups who will meet with other peoples, exchange views with people of other political beliefs, and speak against any emerging demonization and hatred.

The purpose of the Association of Bridge Builders is to prevent hatred, promote dialogue and strengthen the cohesion between population groups in Denmark. We strive to promote a democratic conversation that is neither demonic nor hateful, but both critical and constructive.

Specifically, our association will make our mark through actions as well as attitudes:

We want to inspire, support, encourage and educate citizens to be bridge builders

We want to help schools put bridge building on the curriculum

We want to intervene in the debate to ensure a democratic dialogue with room for differences and disagreements

The vision is a society with room for differences and disagreements, where everyone feels welcome in a democratic conversation that is both critical and constructive.

Do you want to build bridges, too?

The Association of Bridge Builders is not affiliated with any political parties.

Members of the board

Özlem Cekic, chairwoman

Julie Bossow, Vice-chairwoman

Simon Lund-Jensen

Emek Volkan Gürkan

Devrim Ülgü

Maia Feldman

Signe Olsen

10,162 kr.