Russell Collins's fundraiser for Børns Vilkår (Childline)

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Russell Collins
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Copenhagen Marathon 2015
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Russell Collins's fundraiser for Børns Vilkår (Childline)

Dear friends and family,
I will be running the Copenhagen Marathon on 24th May this year (my 1st ever race and a Christmas present from the Mrs).

My chosen charity Børns Vilkårs (Childrens Welfare) operate the Børne Telefonen (Childline) here in Denmark and provide an invaluable service to vulnerable children who often have nowhere else to turn.

I am raising funds for Børne Telefonen (Childline) as they are often a last resort for children who are in desperate situations. Very often these children feel trapped with no way out and Børne Telefonen offers them free help and advice, which can be a life saver for them and often a last resort. They take more than 10,000 calls a year and they really need our support as many calls still go unanswered due to lack of funds. It's awful to think that when a child has found the courage to call there is no one able to answer.

You can make a donation now via this page and help me reach my target. Please also share on Facebook with your friends and family.

Your help is greatly appreciated and will go directly to help vulnerable children.

For my part I will make sure I finish, one way or the other :)

Thank you for your support.

Lots of Love Russell xx

3,350 kr.

17% 20,000 kr.


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  • Russell Collins

    I took my long run up to 31km this weekend and it hurt, it really hurt :) Not sure where I'm going to getting another 11km from? But I will somehow :) Please remember to make a small donation, if you can? It's going to a great cause. Cheers Russell

  • Russell Collins

    Ran a PB 10km time today and will run my final long, long run on Friday...BRING IT ON...Please remember to take a look at my page and make a small donation if you can? It's for a great cause :) Cheers Russell

  • Russell Collins

    Back out running after recovering from an injury picked up playing football a few weeks back. And hopeful once more of completing the marathon next week :) If you haven't already, please take a look at my fundraising page.Thanks Russell

  • Russell Collins

    So now I've completed the Copenhagen Marathon and there's 7 days left on my fundraiser - Please make a small donation if you can? Børnetelefonen (Childline) here in Denmark receive calls from really unhappy, desperate kids and it's a very important service. Many calls still go unanswered due to a lack of funds. Thanks for your help. Russell

  • Katja Rosenbohm Katja Rosenbohm Donated 250 kr.

    well done

  • odette garvey odette garvey Donated 250 kr.

    Well done Russell!

  • Melanie Rimell Melanie Rimell Donated 200 kr.

    Good luck Russell, miss you Mel xxxx

  • Anonymous User Anonymous User Donated 200 kr.

    Good luck Russell love mum and dad xxxx

  • Nina Aksell Nina Aksell Donated 100 kr.

    Good luck! Love Nina

  • Alexandra Ternstrøm Alexandra Ternstrøm Donated 100 kr.

    Go Russell

  • Jennifer and Paul Mushumani Jennifer and Paul Mushumani Donated 250 kr.

    Good luck Russell! Sending energy, strength and speed :-)

  • sophie collins sophie collins Donated 250 kr.

    Run Forest, run xx

  • Dorte og Mikkel /Scandinavian Yacht Int. Blicher Dorte og Mikkel /Scandinavian Yacht Int. Blicher Donated 1,000 kr.

    Hej Russell Vi hepper på dig og vil selvfølgelig meget gerne støtte dig og Børns Vilkår. Mange hilsner Ida , sofie, Karl, Mikkel og Dorte (scenekunst)

  • Faia & Valdemar Rommelhoff Faia & Valdemar Rommelhoff Donated 100 kr.

    Go Russell!

  • Maja og Marie Ohrt Maja og Marie Ohrt Donated 100 kr.

    Go, go Russell. We will be cheering you on :o)

  • Ben Hamilton Ben Hamilton Donated 50 kr.

  • Russell Collins Russell Collins Donated 500 kr.