The fight against children's cancer with Team Rynkeby

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Klaus Oxdal
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Team Rynkeby 2014
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Team Rynkeby Holbæk 2014

The fight against children's cancer with Team Rynkeby

This summer i will be racing my bike 1300 km to Paris with "Team Rynkeby Holbæk" you can see a lot more about the project here: The Team Rynkeby is an international charity cycling team, each summer cycles to Paris to raise money for children with cancer. We are supporting "Børnecancerfonden" in Denmark.

Every year 200 children in Denmark alone is diagnosed with cancer, 25% (50 children) do not survive the cancer, in fact, scientists don´t know why children get cancer, therefore a targeted research in children ́s cancer is needed in order to answer and develop better and gentler therapies so children not only survive - but also are able to live a normal life after the cancer.
I sincerely hope that you will help me with what ever kind of contribution you can spare, also if you support this charity fundraiser, you will share it among your friends via facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.
Together we can make a difference - help and support children with cancer and their families.

If your company would like to support, Team Rynkeby can offer you and your business some unique exposure opportunities, When you support Team Rynkeby, you can be sure that all your money goes to Børnecancerfonden. We the participants cover our own expenses and Rynkeby Foods covers the project costs. Therefore we can give 100 percent of the collected funds to the Children’s Cancer Foundation. Please contact me directly for the options to do this (all tax deductible)


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  • Sussi Rügge Sussi Rügge Donated 200 kr.

  • Eric D. Schabell Eric D. Schabell Donated 400 kr.

    Never give up, no matter the mountain it is just about the next meter in front of your wheel, turn the pedals just once more, before you know it you are over the top and going downhill.

  • Michael Behrend Michael Behrend Donated 280 kr.

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    Glad for at kunne bidrage!

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  • Jean-Pierre Grenz Jean-Pierre Grenz Donated 200 kr.

    En god sags tjeneste... forsæt det gode arbejde Klaus.. her er en donation fra Himmelev Veddelevs Oldboys...Go vind

  • Ronan Kirby Ronan Kirby Donated 400 kr.

    Go Klaus!

  • Philip Glynn  Andrews Philip Glynn Andrews Donated 200 kr.

    Good luck Klaus! I am only growing facial hair for my charity so I think you more than deserve the donations here! Keep me updated!

  • Christine & Torben Sørensen Christine & Torben Sørensen Donated 400 kr.

    You can't support this charity enough !

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  • Michael Hjelmfort Michael Hjelmfort Donated 400 kr.

    God sag der kræver støtte fra os alle (0;

  • Martin Høwisch Martin Høwisch Donated 200 kr.

  • Karl stevens Karl stevens Donated 400 kr.

    Hey Klaus. After we talked last night I thought I had underestimated the effort you are going to and the importance of the cause, so I wanted to give a bit more. Well done! It will be an awesome achievement..

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    Good luck buddy!

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    Good for you Klaus and best of luck with the cycle - great charity as well - Caroline

  • James Hadden James Hadden Donated 200 kr.

    Good luck for the ride!

  • Eva Schiedel Eva Schiedel Donated 200 kr.

    Good luck! :-)