Hope for a better future - Help marginalised girls in Nepal gain access to education!

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Hope for a better future - Help marginalised girls in Nepal gain access to education!

With YOUR support you can help make it possible for marginalised girls in Nepal to gain better access to education and more life opportunities!

In collaboration with the development organisation Street Child we conduct field work in Nepal as research volunteers to support marginalised Musahar girls. Through our research we contribute with new knowledge to optimize the efforts of empowering the girls to improve their life conditions.

Street Child’s project with Musahar girls is supporting one of the most marginalised groups in Nepal considered as “untouchables” in the Caste system. Within the Musahar population, girls and women are the most vulnerable and those with less life opportunities, including access to school.

The Musahars are ritually oppressed by a societal system, the caste system - marked by segregation. This stigma on the Musahars in Nepal, results in discrimination, poverty and exclusion from the society and public services.

“This is the way of life of the Musahars. Being born as Musahars, we are born to suffer. We are not born to study; there are only torn and dirty clothes in our fate. I have never seen a Musahar succeed.” (Musahar villager)

99,4% of the Musahars are landless, indebted and born into a tradition of bonded labour. Bonded labour can be compared to modern slavery and is still affecting most Musahars in spite of its abolishment in 2018. Access to education is limited for Musahars and completed by only a small part.

The literacy rate of the Musahars is 17,4% against the national average of 77,5%. The statistics for girls are even more shocking; only 3,8% of Musahar women and girls can read and write.

Street Child helps give these girls a new opportunity to gain trust in themselves and to dare dreaming about a better future! Through education programmes, girls in the age-group 10-17 are taught basic reading and writing skills and how to create an income through small income-generating businesses.

Your support will contribute to change the lives of these girls. Even small contributions matter:

27 kroner (DKK) can connect a Musahar woman with a social worker who will give them advice on how to access government services, including health and legal services and education scholarships; training on water, sanitation and hygiene; and peer support and counselling for abuse and violence.

90 kroner: Business education materials to teach girls to set up their own business and become financially independent.

120 kroner: Learning material for one girl to go from complete illiteracy to be able to recognize letters and numbers. This is crucial for further education.

370 kroner: Education material for a school center with capacity for 30 women.

You can read more about Street Childs work with Musahar girls here: https://www.street-child.dk/nepal


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