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India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and this fast growth in prosperity is also leading to a dramatic increase in the need for energy.

Since fossil fuels are the major resource for Indian energy production and almost the only choice for the 70% of the population living in rural areas, the rise in prosperity is at the same time a ticking bomb for the environment and the global climate.
We are a group of students currently working in India together with the local company ONergy on how to implement renewable energy-technologies in the rural areas. The aim of our project, the LINN Design Project, is to try to solve how local needs and the economic situation of the rural population can be integrated in the design and business models of e.g. solar lamps; so that renewable energy solutions can become realistic and attractive alternatives to common energy sources for the poor.
If you like our project please give a donation or start your own fundraising for the project here on this website (It's very easy!). Our expenses include translators, transport, food, materials, rent, etc. and currently we pay it all ourselves.

We appreciate every small donation. And if you follow up your donation by emailing us your home address to then we'll send you a nice postcard... :-)
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LINN Design Project - Locally Inspired Innovation
Joan, Veerle, Anne and Morten

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