Do YOU want to make a Social Change? #Unite4SocialImpact

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Global Collaborators for International Impact
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Support Social Entrepreneurs 2015

Do YOU want to make a Social Change? #Unite4SocialImpact

What can you do within 5 minutes to help change the world?
Think globally by acting locally - from the comfort of your own home!

Businesses conventionally use profits for their own benefit and entrust non-profit organizations and governments to solve social problems in the community. Sadly this is not enough. But, did you know there are also companies that invest their profits back into making a positive change in society? People helping other people to help themselves.

Why are we raising funds?
We are some of these passionate people from around the world that have come together to make the world a better place. Thanks to the wonders of the internet and the goodwill of Coursera, the Copenhagen Business School (CBS) is holding a massive open online course (MOOC) in Social Entrepreneurship for people of different backgrounds, ranging from successful business owners, to people working in the medical field, to university students, you name it!
This course allows us to connect with each other and create groups to develop a business plan around a social business. Through a competitive selection process, and chosen by an expert committee from CBS, the most promising social ventures developed at the end of this Social Entrepreneurship course will receive the funds that we raise this week!

How can you help us?
Make YOUR donation count- every little helps... but in this case bigger IS better ;-)
After you’ve donated tell 3 friends- we want this message to go global by Monday!

Your reward?
*We guarantee a warm fuzzy feeling inside after each donation, good karma for life, virtual bear hugs.*

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    Good luck Nick

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    I am from Uganda. I love entrepreneurship. I would like to be a social entrepreneur.

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    Belarus has also joined the company!

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    donation from the Netherlands

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    Because this is possible and will bring us a better future. Greetings from Spain/Sweden.

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