Cycling to Paris to help children / Cykler fra Danmark til Paris i 7 dage

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Mike Abbas
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Tour de Taxa 2019

Cycling to Paris to help children / Cykler fra Danmark til Paris i 7 dage

Message in English:
In July 2019, I will be cycling from Denmark to Paris to raise funds for disadvantaged children. The cycling event is known as “Tour de Taxa”. The aim is to support “Julemærkefonden” (Translated: Christmas Seal Fund). This fund operates 5 children homes in Denmark, which help children with various difficulties to reclaime their childhood. My fundraising effort, along with other riders in the teams form an important part of the donation the “Tour” raises to the children’s fund.
I and other riders are training hard many times a week, and to be part of this team to contribute to a very good cause. Your support through a donation (large or small are welcome) will encourage us and make a profound difference the lives of many children.
Please become a sponsor and donate by clicking on the “Donate” link. Donations are in Danish Kroner (DKK) ( DKK 100 = EUR 13 approx.)
Beskeden på Dansk:
I juli 2019, har Tour de Taxa 5 hold som cykler fra Danmark til Paris på ca. 8 dage. Udover at deltagerne får en fantastisk oplevelse støtter de også et godt formål, nemlig Julemærkefonden, der driver de 5 julemærkehjem i Danmark, som hjælper børn som har det svært med at blive børn igen igennem et 10 uger ophold. Støtten fra tour de Taxa er mulig takket være vore mange sponsorer foruden de aktiviteter som holdene har i løbet af året og rytternes egne indsamlinger her på Betternow. Alle bidrag, stor som små, tages imod. Click på linket for at donere. På forhånd tak.


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  • Ali Lakkis Ali Lakkis Donated 1,000 kr.

    Mike Abbas Mike Abbas: Hi Ali. Many thanks for your donation. Shows great kindness and a truly loving heart.
  • Esther  Espersen Esther Espersen Donated 250 kr.

    Mike Abbas Mike Abbas: Tak for donationen Esther !
  • Tobias Lau Tobias Lau Donated 100 kr.

    Have a great trip!

    Mike Abbas Mike Abbas: : Thank you Tobias. Maybe you can meet us half way and ride with us to the Champs Elyses!
  • Jörg Schwarzländer Jörg Schwarzländer Donated 50 kr.

    Hope you enjoy your ride Mike. Best whishes. Jörg

    Mike Abbas Mike Abbas: Thank you Jörg. Much appreciated.
  • Helle Johanning Helle Johanning Donated 100 kr.

    God tur :-)

    Mike Abbas Mike Abbas: Mange tak Helle. Det giver ekstra gas til mine trætte ben.
  • Vivi Riggelsen Vivi Riggelsen Donated 100 kr.

    Mike Abbas Mike Abbas: Mange tak.. Det hjælper med at give nogle udsat børn mere ro og tryghed.
  • Mo M Mo M Donated 380 kr.

  • Martin Konggaard Martin Konggaard Donated 250 kr.

    God tur, Mike. Og hold kæden stram.

    Mike Abbas Mike Abbas: Mange tak.. Stram og godt smurt.
  • Anonymous User Anonymous User Donated 500 kr.

    Good luck Mike 👍😁

    Mike Abbas Mike Abbas: Thank you for the generous donation.. Not only it serves the obvious reason of helping the children. It also gives my old legs this additional encouragement to keep pedalling when all energy has drained. Almost as good as a tailwind :-). Please send me a private message to personalise my gratitude, unless you wish to remain anonymous.
  • Nabil & Charlotte Abbas Nabil & Charlotte Abbas Donated 200 kr.

    Bon journee! It's all downhill from Denmark right?

    Mike Abbas Mike Abbas: Charlotte and Nabil. You have just made a disadvantaged child less so.
    First 3 days flat. Last 4 days we get some decent climbs. Google Mur de Huy. That's the kind of monster we aim to conquer.
  • Hussein  Fakhreddine Hussein Fakhreddine Donated 100 kr.

    Mike Abbas Mike Abbas: شكرا يا عزيزي.
  • Ahmad Hamoush Ahmad Hamoush Donated 100 kr.

    Mike Abbas Mike Abbas: Thank you for your donation Ahmad. The act of giving in itself is noble. Giving to far away children is even more so.
  • Salon du Nord Salon du Nord Donated 100 kr.

    Allez les Gillet Jaunes!

    Mike Abbas Mike Abbas: Merci, Macron demission, Macron Demission !
  • Ronny Brisaert Ronny Brisaert Donated 300 kr.

    Mike Abbas Mike Abbas: Hi Ronny.. Many thanks for your donation... Sure to put a smile on a child's face 😊...
  • claudia Alcantara claudia Alcantara Donated 100 kr.

    Mike Abbas Mike Abbas: Hi Claudia..
    Thank you for your donation. This is very generous and well appreciated.. Let's try to catch up soon...

    Cheers xx
  • Yasmina Abbas Yasmina Abbas Donated 50 kr.

    Mike Abbas Mike Abbas: Tak Yamina..
  • Aga & Rafal K/C Aga & Rafal K/C Donated 200 kr.

  • Kenneth Toft Hansen Kenneth Toft Hansen Donated 100 kr.

    Mike Abbas Mike Abbas: Hej Kenneth..
    Mange tak for donationen.. Las os planlægge en bytur med drengene..

  • Ulla Christensen Abbas Ulla Christensen Abbas Donated 50 kr.