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Kenya: Help starving children through the Corona crisis

“Our 153 sponsor children and their families here are starving, and the 1160 people need your help NOW to survive during Corona” says Carsten J. Le Blond Willersted. He is the committed leader of the NGO, Periamma´s development projects in Kenya where he also lives. It devastates Carstento see the children´s joy of going to school and planning for the future replaced by apathy and desperation. The poorest must overcome many obstacles every day but the Corona crisis has depleted their energy and resources for months now. It is almost impossible to earn money for food when the economy has shut down and it is no longer an option to sell trinkets at the market or obtain a job as a day labourer. In the long run, Carsten will, in line with Periamma’s goal, help the poorest help themselves, for instance by establishing vegetable gardens at the children’s schools and help the families doing animal husbandry. A goat finds its own food in its surroundings and has 2-4 offsprings a year. These can be sold to provide a necessary income so that the family can buy food of their own choosing. This initiates a positive and dignified development. Therefore, we at Periamma have found the funds to give a goat to a family each time we have collected 750 DKK through this emergency relief campaign. Thus, your contribution both helps provide emergency relief packages now and aid in a more sustainable life for the 153 families. Cornmeal, beans, rice, oil, tea, soap and sanitary pads only cost 100 DKK per person for a whole month. This is urgent! Can YOU, your family, your friends, colleagues etc. help 1160 starving people with food during the Corona crisis then please don’t hesitate to donate. If you would like to know more, please contact Carsten directly at carsten@periamma.org or by calling +254 792 792 444.

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Periammas generelle arbejde

Periamma er en visionær non-profit organisation, der støtter skoleprojekter i Indien, Uganda, Kenya og Thailand. Vi har en vision om at frigøre potentialet hos skolebørn og deres familier gennem innovation, nye læringsprincipper og co-creation med lokalsamfundet i samarbejde med både virksomheder, foreninger og privatpersoner.Vi har startet et støtteprojekt sammen med cateringvirksomheden Frokost.dk, der som erhvervssponsor investerer i sin egen skole. Både kunder og medarbejdere kan følge projektet på nært hold, idet Frokost.dk er koblet tæt til skolen, elever og lærere.I samarbejdede med Periamma kan du som virksomhed etablere din egen skole, støtte forældrene til skolebørnene gennem mikrolån eller etablere en mindre virksomhed i lokalområdet, der ligger tæt op de services eller produkter din virksomhed udbyder.Som privatperson eller forening kan du oprette din egen indsamling eller donere med et beløb til en af skolerne her på siden.Du kan læse meget mere om de forskellige projekter på vores hjemmeside www.periamma.orgVi glæder os til at se dit bidrag og til at høre fra dig.

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